Windows Phone 7

October 12th will be the Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch. There’s an MSDN Simulcast event you can sign up for, that’ll be a full day of training on writing Windows Phone apps.

In the US, there are also a lot of live in-person Free Events to learn Windows Phone 7 Development listed at I encourage you to register now as they are filling up fast.

A friend asked me to put a Windows Phone 7 banner on my blog, and I said half-jokingly, what’ll you give me? Then I realized it’s less interesting if there’s a banner on MY blog and more interesting if there’s a banner on YOUR blog.

So, I brokered a deal where two of you (US only for now, sorry, I seriously tried) will win a free Windows Phone 7.

Here’s the legal rules they wrote, but here’s my four-step layman’s version.

  1. Go get a Windows Phone 7 banner or badge
  2. Put the image on your blog
  3. Link the image to
  4. Lie in wait

Now, they’ll use Bingle/Gobing and a link: query to find two of you randomly, I’m sure, but even better, after you’ve done it, add a comment on this post and Iet everyone know!

Within 10 days after the final Windows Phone 7 developer launch event, they’ll select TWO folks randomly. Your odds are good, friend. Like way less than 1 in a billion. We shall see. Go Go Go!

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